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Cygnus-class destroyers
Originally deployed during First Cylon War, the Cygnus class destroyers are ships intended to compliment the original, Jupiter-class, battlestars. Several hundred of these ships were originally created during the war, but only handful survived. Being "glass cannons" of the Colonial Fleet, not much thought was put into defensive aspects, and only one thing was kept in mind during the original design, firepower, firepower, firepower. Officially destroyer, the Colonial serviceman mockingly call them "gunstars" and serving on one is highly unpopular, almost seen as punishment. Its the biggest ships in Colonial Navy commanded by Colonels, ranks normally held by XO on bigger ships. Currently two versions serve in the Colonial Navy.

Original variant
Boasting 14 primary (2 forward mounted) and 10 secondary batteries, the ship carries almost the same firepower as original Jupiter-class before the war refits. Never intended for solo missions, this version carries no fighter wing

Refit variant

Refitting this, almost 50 year design, with new batteries, found usually on Mecruy-class battlestars proved to be a challenge. The older power distribution system, never intended for this level of automation, couldn't support the same amount of the new batteries, so this version of Cygnus-class destroyers carries only 10 primary (2 forward mounted) and 5 secondary. Although it carries lower conventional armament, its equipped with 16 VLS missile tubes and 16 plane fighter squadron.

CIS variant(Stealth): Short video

During the post-war restructuralization of the Colonial Navy, the CIS (Colonial Information Service) managed to get its hand on damaged Cygnus-class destroyer that was deemed beyond salvage. Although specifically forbidden by the Articles of Colonization to operate its own ships, the CIS repaired, refitted, renamed and launched this ship as cargo freighter Charon. With CIS reporting directly to the Secretary of Homeland Security, its unknown if Colonial Admiralty is aware of Charons existence. The Charon, commonly referenced as "the stealthstar" is rare sight, even for those with Top Secret clearance and its location is kept even from the President. It is currently unknown is Charon carries any sort of offensive capabilities, but its believed the ship utilizes some kind of retroreflective panels on its hull, which makes her virtually invisible for any sort of DRADIS scan.

Based on Gunstar Cygnus by Ice-Dragon. 
Berzerk-class cruisers
Following the resynchronization of the Colonial Navy, at the end of the First Colony War, admiralty required several new classes of ships to replace aging, and hastily refitted civilian ships, used for the better part of the twelve years. Instead of splitting finances, it was decided to build a single multi-purpose combat frame, that can be, at the moments notice, refitted with range of mission specific modules.

Fleet Escort module 

Designed to screen slower and less agile Battlestars of Jupiter, Mercury and [REDACTED] class against enemy fighters and smaller attack craft. Armament includes 10 Long-range multi purpose AA  guns, 10 short-range multi purpose AA guns and 2 CIWS. Carries compliment of 15 Vipers and 4 Raptors

Border Patrol module 

Designed to effectively patrol the newly established "red line" or to project Colonial influence over rebellious miners. Armament includes 4 Mercury-type main batteries. 6 short-range mutli purpose AA guns  and 2 CIWS. Carries compliment of 9 Vipers and 4 Raptors.

Fleet Tanker module 

Designed to supply ships of various classes with liquid tylium. Compared to other tankers in the Colonial fleet, this module was designed for combat use, and is heavily armored. Armament includes 6 short-range multi purpose AA guns and 2 CIWS. Carries 2 Raptors.

Fleet Supply module 

Designed to supply ships with solid cargo, such as food rations, medicament, ammunition and others. Compared to older Loki-type support ships, it lacks any kind of manufacturing capabilities. Armament includes 6 short-range multi purpose AA guns and 2 CIWS. Carriers 4 raptors and 2 shuttles. 

Short video of the mutliple modules here

Based on original model by Ice-Dragon.
Aerilon Fleet Shipyard WIP
Shipyards on orbit of in orbit of Aerilon, the food basket of The Twelve Colonies of Kobol. Realizing the importance of Aerilon, the Colonial Navy constructed third largest station in orbit. Being dwarfed only by Scorpion fleet shipyards and Picon Fleet Headquarters, the station can support 10(+1) full-sized battlestars of Jupiter, Mercury and [REDACTED] class, 24(+4) pocket-battlestars or support cruisers and numerous smaller vessels. As of Cylon Holocaust, the  last habitable ring of the station is still under construction.

Aerilon Fleet Shipyards, based on Tauron Defence HQ by Ice-Dragon. Made with Blender 2.78
304-class science vessel INS V. Radhakrishnan
304-class science vessel INS Venkatraman Radhakrishnan is first of the newest class of the 304 family. Named after Indian internationally acclaimed Astrophysicist Venkatraman Radhakrishnan, this class was proposed back in 2009 to free up battlecruisers for combat support missions, that are more and more needed, following the escalation of Tau'ri-Lucian Alliance war.

Radhakrishnan is the most advanced class of Tau'ri to date. The speed and carrying capacity was greatly increased at the cost of firepower as this is the first (and only) class of ships that does not carry nuclear missiles, and relies solely on the newly developed Beam Turrets for offensive use. Likewise, the main power source shifted from Naquadah generators to Asgard power core. 302 fighter bays was replaced with multi-mission module bays, allowing relatively quick and cheap reconfiguration, and the main hangar bay was moved to mid-neck, replacing the VLS tubes. As of January 2017, only Science and Cargohold modules are ready for use, although passenger and minelayer modules are in development. There are currently two ships of this class in service, INS Venkatraman Radhakrishnan operated by Republic of India and USS Catherine Langford operated by United States.

Race: Tau'ri
Type: Military/Science
Crew: Approx. 250
Year introduced : 2014

Role: Science Vessel

Propulsion: Maneuvering thrusters
                    Sublight engines
                    Asgard hyperdrive

Power plant: Asgard power core

Armaments: 2Tau'ri plasma beam turrets
                    28x Railguns
Defenses: Asgard shields
                  Naquadah/Trinium alloy hull

Aircraft: 4x Puddle Jumper 

Dimensions: Length 450m
                      Width   190m
                      Height  150m

Railguns by Angeldust


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I have most of robs images off sci-fi meshes that he sent me, if you see in my gallary the image i created for him, i was putting all his stuff onto that as a background then building his website, but i never finished as i have not heard from him in quite some time. i really hope he is ok.

sorry it has taken me some time to respond, been really busy.
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